the Moment program

Mindfulness practice in school settings is growing but there are few programs available for middle school students.  As youth make the transition to middle school, there are a number of challenges and stressors they might face; youth need to be prepared with tools to cope with these challenges. Mindfulness can provide students with new ways to effectively regulate their feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, which in turn, can positively influence their success in school.


  • Awareness of the Body

  • Awareness of Feelings

  • Awareness of Thoughts

  • Awareness of Relationships

Target Audience

6th – 8th grade classrooms

Course Delivery

In person, instructor-led

Time to Complete

4-week program taught daily in school for 15 minutes per day

Curriculum Materials

  • Teacher manual

  • Student workbooks

  • Website that hosts videos of middle school students demonstrating mindful movements and using mindfulness in stressful situations in school; audio files for developmentally appropriate mindful meditations; illustrations of mindfulness concepts

Teacher training is also available. Contact iRT for more information on information about the 1-day training.


  • Middle school teachers

Program impact

  • Increased ability to pay attention and concentrate

  • Improved executive functioning abilities

  • Reduced aggressive problems


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How to Order

Orders for the Moment Program curriculum can be placed online with most major credit cards at the iRT online store. For purchases from outside the U.S., please contact iRT at or 919-493-7700.

For questions or other assistance, iRT customer support staff are available weekdays from 8 a.m. EST to 5 p.m. EST at (919) 493-7700.