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You have reached Prevention Central. We are following federal and state guidelines pertaining to COVID-19, so most of our employees are working from home. For more product information or assistance, please email us at Additionally, we have made many of our pre-recorded webinars on our programs and methods freely available; click on the “Webinars” tab to learn more.

Whether you’re an educator trying to reach an entire school, a parent who wants to better communicate with your child, or a leader trying to help your community, we’ve got you covered. Click on one of the subjects to learn more.

Substance Abuse

It’s never too early – or too late – to learn how to prevent substance abuse and its consequences.

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Sexual Health

Counter unhealthy media messages with comprehensive and inclusive sexual education.

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Social-Emotional Learning

Promote children’s awareness, understanding, and regulation of their emotions.

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Spotlight: DigiKnowIt News

For researchers and scientists to obtain the most accurate and useful data about treatments or devices for children and adolescents, clinical studies should be conducted with youth. To help children make the decision to participate in pediatric clinical trials, they need to be provided with information to better understand the importance of clinical research and what to expect when participating in a trial. That’s why the prevention scientists at iRT created DigiKnowIt News. With interactive online comics, game-like “investigations”, and videos of youth talking about their experiences, DigiKnowIt News introduces concepts such as control groups, assent, and confidentiality in a fun way without being overly technical or complicated. This is the first evidence-based, educational website for children to learn about pediatric clinical trials.

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