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Navigating today’s complex world is challenging for youth of all ages. Prevention Central works to address the various challenges facing youth and adolescents by researching and developing evidence-based programs using innovative and unique approaches. We offer comprehensive, dynamic, developmentally appropriate programs for a variety of age groups to prevent substance use and delinquency, promote sexual health, and enhance social-emotional skills.

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Whether you’re an educator trying to reach an entire school, a parent who wants to better communicate with your child, or a leader trying to help your community, we’ve got you covered. Click on one of the subjects to learn more.

Media Literacy Education Substance Use Prevention

It’s never too early – or too late – to learn how to prevent substance misuse and its consequences.

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Media Literacy Education for Sexual Health Promotion

Counter unhealthy media messages with comprehensive and inclusive sexual education.

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Social-Emotional Assessment and Learning

Help children and teenagers to be more aware of, understand, and regulate their emotions and and social skills.

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Provide youth with skills to be aware of their feelings, thoughts, behaviors, and relationships in the moment through learning about  and practicing mindfulness.

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Safe and Drug-free Driving

Promote and learn safe driving practices and prevent impaired driving using community and individual level interventions.

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First-of-Their-Kind Prevention Program

Engaging and Effective.

All prevention programs are…

  • Innovative and enriching
  • Proven effective through rigorous research and testing
  • Designed to support exceptional mental health, physical health, and quality of life for children, adolescents, families, communities, and organizations
  • Outcomes-driven

Developmentally appropriate.

We offer options that nurture learning and provide support at all stages of child, adolescent, and young adult development, including…

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Our programs are designed to be either led by an instructor, accessed virtually, or delivered using a blend of instructor-led and virtual methods.

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