Research Resources

iRT has developed online resources and tools that researchers and scientists can use as part of their studies. These resources and tools can help with participant recruitment, data collection, and study management.

DigiKnowIt News

Recruiting kids and teens to be part of a clinical trial can be difficult. However, we know that it is important for youth to participate in clinical trials in order to advance treatments specifically for youth. DigiKnowIt News is an interactive and informative website designed to educate children and adolescents on various aspects of participating in a pediatric clinical trial. It was developed by researchers and medical health professionals along with youth and parents. By providing youth with information about clinical trials, they learn to confidently make decisions about their health and any future opportunities to participate in a clinical trial.

There is a freely available version of DigiKnowIt News as well as a full version of the website that can be customized to fit the needs of a specific study or organization with the inclusion of additional content for youth.

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